ProModel-MedModel Advanced Training

Online Class Covering Advanced Techniques of ProModel and MedModel.

8:00 am - 12:30 pm MT
$595 / per person


2021 Class Dates:

May 2021 - Monday, 5/3 - Thrusday, 5/6
December 2021 -Tuesday, 12/14 - Friday 12/10

Class Times: 8 am - 12:30 pm MT

ProModel - MedModel Advanced - Class Overview:

Building on the foundation of our Simulation Essentials course, this two day course teaches the intermediate modeler advanced modeling techniques such as arrays and external files, simplification techniques, debugging and troubleshooting, logic tips, and subroutines. This course is designed to be universal to all industries (appropriate for ProModel and MedModel users alike).


The course is designed to be an in-depth, two-day course focused on hands-on implementation of advanced modeling techniques. You will learn the techniques and features for modeling a variety of real-world situations through a series of practical exercises, demonstrations, and lectures.

Successful completion of the Simulation Essentials training course

Course Outline

  • Group/Ungroup and Load/Unload. Modeling objects as Resources vs. Entities.
  • New Statements and Commands such as Order, Wait Until, Binomial, Animate, and Initialization Logic
  • More with Arrays - While Do Loops, Local Variables, Termination Logic, MapArr
  • Entity Functions and Processing with ALL Entities, Entity(), ENT()
  • Resource Functions: OwnedResource(), RES()
  • Location Functions and Processing with ALL Locations, Location Dependent Logic
  • Intro to Flexible Process Routings. Using identifying functions for dynamic entity routings.
  • Flexible Modeling. Use External Files (Arrays) to define and control entity flow through the model. Routing tables, expression arrays, ALL at ALL processing.
  • Custom Reports, Combining Arrays and System Functions to create Excel reports. Looping through the OwnedResource function.
  • Table Functions.
  • More with Expression Arrays. Using Expression Arrays for Processing times.
  • Using Macros with Arrays for Scenario Analysis
  • Subroutines. Activated Subroutines. Animate and View statements.
  • Advanced Subroutine Options. Passing parameters. Interactive subroutines. XWRITE
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting
  • Additional PM Features & Tools
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